About us

We are an Investment Advisory Boutique formed by an interdisciplinary team of experts in the investment fund industry, allied with highly qualified international companies in the area of investments, quantitative finance, risk analysis, data science, lawyers and auditors.


Provide as an Investment Consulting Boutique, to our clients, through the analysis of their profile, the tools and advice that allow their resources to reach in the short, medium, and long term, three objectives: improve profitability, risk verification and diversification of their portfolio


Develop investors with greater financial knowledge in the Central America region, and that their efforts of saving or resources can be compensated with the best possible profitability and diversification of their portfolios. Serve as an instrument to incorporate special purpose vehicles such as Asset Management companies, Investment Funds and other financial products in the capital markets. In addition, contribute to the development of infrastructure, real estate, venture capital, energy, tourism, commodities projects, among others, as a contribution to the economic growth of the region and the promotion of employment.

We are

An Investment Consulting Boutique in Central America, allied to companies with extensive international experience in the capital markets, providing investment consulting through:

a. New financing solutions to develop the productive capital of companies in the region, regardless of the sector, size or type of company;
b. Investment management consulting with Asset Managers and their investment funds or other financial products;
c. Investment advisory services through the management of investment portfolios, which includes diversification of instruments, such as, shares of foreign investment funds, ETFs, derivatives, bonds, stocks, structured notes and others, which structuring a tailored-made model to each client;
d. Structuring and operation of investment funds and their management companies; and,
e. Development of financial education programs for private and institutional investors. All the above, to advise our clients on how to improve the profitability and diversification of their portfolios.

Our company does not collect funds from the public.

Our services

Due diligence about instruments or companies to evaluate future investment.

Structuring of Asset Management companies and Investment Funds in several jurisdictions.

Investment and portfolio management consulting.

Operational outsourcing of Asset Management companies and Investment Funds.

Financial Education Programs, for private and institutional investors.

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