Julio Sibrián
Julio Sibrián



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CEO of PONTEX LATAM, CEO of SABI, Partner of RAM Renta Asset Management, Representative and exclusive distributor of Soft One for El Salvador and Honduras, Of Counsel at Torres Legal and Of Counsel at De la Gasca & Cia.

Julio is a designer of new business models and a legal engineer of new law bills. He specializes in structuring financing, direct investment, public-private partnerships and investment funds for the development of investment projects in industries such as renewable energy, technology, digital government, economic infrastructure, tourism, agribusiness and import-export. He is the creator and co-owner of a Fintech fraud prevention software. He is a believer and promoter of the Investment Fund industry as the engine of the next financial revolution in El Salvador and Central America; and, he is also a promoter of electronic government and sustainable development projects, financed by international cooperation.

With 24 years of experience in the international business and legal field, Julio specializes in developing and diversifying companies, protecting their interests and using, among others, strategic alliances abroad and tax regimes for new investments. Educated in Latin America, he also obtained a Master of Laws from the Berkeley School of Law of the University of California, an MBA in International Business from Ajou University in South Korea, a scholarship from the Korea Cooperation Agency, and received a scholarship Fulbright to study a master's degree in International Trade Law and the WTO at the University of Arizona.

In addition, he completed his degree in Law at the University "José Simeón Cañas" and is authorized by the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador as a lawyer and Notary Public. Due to all the above, Julio is characterized by finding creative solutions to execute investment projects, open new markets and generate agreements through creative solutions.

His time at UC Berkeley and Ajou University in Korea, helps him to implement strategies of the most thriving economies, governments and companies today, collaborating with global leading companies in their industries.

In the public sector, he has directed a regional tourism integration organization, executing projects with international organizations; as well as, it has collaborated in the process of formation of legislation and national policies on tourism and free trade, including the Association Agreement between the European Union and Central America. His research, public consultation, and interaction with government officials from various countries have contributed to a comprehensive perspective on some of the most relevant legal and economic issues today.

He is currently a lawyer for multinational companies and is a manager of portfolios of intellectual property assets worldwide, having participated in cases, transactions and complex legal negotiations with effects in multiple jurisdictions, advising companies and governments, published in specialized journalistic media.

Julio is characterized by innovating and at the same time following the example of leaders of companies and governments who understand the current way of doing business, public policies and the legislation that govern them.